Saturday, May 5, 2007


One day in between the shadows of worries casting across my face
I happened to see your face
Someone introduced me to you…
May be I should have walked away
May be I should n’t have looked at you
May be I should n’t have listened to you
May be I should n’t have spoken to you
May be the rain that quenches the heat of the earth
Or the stars that has put a twinkle in my eyes
Should have warned me better…
Why is there silence in my words and
Epics in my eyes pouring my heart
And letting you soothe the hurt and pain within me….
How do I know you and how long do I know you?
Why are your words touching me with a feather
And making me heal within so much
May be the slight dampness in my eyes
Is just a mirage of your love…
Lying in your lap and playing with the heart of child
Holding on to your fingers and wondering
Are you trespassing into me already?
If I leave you will you miss me?
Will you trust me if I say no or
Will you accept me if I say yes?
I know you are going to walk away soon from my world and my shadows
I beg you to walk out of my life slowly
And try to cause less pain as you go away please
I am so scared…

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