Friday, December 12, 2008

Stuck again!!!

I have been given a chance to come back to UK and try working again... I guess that is almost like a second chance for me. In fact last chance at this point of time. Happened like a miracle. But as usual the time is still up and running against me. I'm yet to get my registration and only when that comes through I can start work. So waiting... waiting... waiting.... I have been running from one part of the world to another to get a chance to come back to the same place which gave me an identification. So Here I'm currently jobless, currently penniless, currently low in morale, currently getting freezing up in the weather. How funny... with this global warming, the places are getting colder... I know the scientific reason... When your mind goes blank, You really don't go into reasons. When all the colours fade, black prevails... That is how I'm black..... inside and out...

So people who are looking forward for a Christmas and a new year are lucky. COZ i have spent my birthday alone and Diwali and Christmas and new year wouldn't make a difference. Anyone who wants to pep up my mood by saying, its just a passing phase... BACK OFF!!! I'm fuming inside... LOL... How i can cry and make a joke and laugh about my situation at the same time. Like Bernie Mac says "This is the only way I know to tackle my problems. Making a joke out of it and laughing it out"... More like our "Thunbam varungal naguga" in Tamil... Somehow can't bring to put it in practice.