Thursday, March 13, 2008

Disturbing movie I watched!!!

Well, Now that I am stuck alone in my cabin with only two channels to watch... One in Creole and the Other one in French, Creole and English, I don't have a lot to choose from! You know what I mean? Anyways, I was just chilling out in front of the screen today and I happened to see this movie which was directed by a French person. I started watching it with not much of an interest, But the movie actually got my attention. I always liked movies, no... no... Strike that!!! I love movies...

Anyways, The movie was all around this thing, which we take for granted " FIRE". The opening scene of this movie starts from this conflagrant blazing fire in front of the cave and A prehistoric Neandredal man sitting in front of it. The place is freezing and as the camera keeps moving into the cavern, it is full of the same species of people ( I don't know what to call them) huddled up together. This movie doesn't have any graphic image like this new movie " 10,000 BC ". There is a older man who has a kinda lantern made out of the hip a And thigh bones of animals and there are few pieces of charcoal which is like the source for their fire.

In this cold region, there is another much more primitive form of human who wants the fire. SO, they come and start killing half the tribe ( toooooo Gory ) and take the fire. But this old man who is in charge of that lantern runs and hides it. Leaving the dead behind, the remaining people of the colony shuffle and get into and much more colder place. This old person later retrieves the lantern, but the charcoal has died out of flame. One by one, people of that group just fall and die because of the blistering climate. So the hero of the movie, one of the young chaps of the colony goes in search of fire, with two of his other dudes.

They meet a lot of challenges like making their way through a pack of hyenas or wolves ( I'm not sure, which one ), running away from Sabre tooth cats etc. Finally reach the mountains, where the cannibal tribe is having a huge bonfire kinda thing. While two of the dudes, try to distract the group, Our hero reaches for the fire and finds that there are two peculiar kind of girls being hanged in the tree alive, while taking the fire he sets them free. Destroys this fire and runs back for his hide with his dudes. I should say this hero guy is a barbaric guy as well. They don't have any dialect, no emotions, no rules, they don't know about how to make fire, they eat raw meat and they f*** women in a very brutal way, like an animal, devoid of any bond or respect for fellow colony people, So more like a Animal himself.

Now as they run away from this cannibalistic colony, our hero falls and injures himself. One of the girls whom they save, keep following them and help him by giving some herb, which eases out his pain. Now that night as they lie down in front of the fire, one of the dudes tries to misbehave with the girl, SO she goes into our hero's custody. But the hero himself molests her. No issues regarding that by the way. Well This girl is from another tribe who are much more evolved and she leaves these men as they were sleeping. Next day morning, hero wakes up to find this girl missing. FOR the first time, he misses a woman and unable to do anything else, he follows her and the friends follow him. They walk into the girls tribe which has knowledge about fire, house, language, weapon and stuff. And finally they walk back to the tribe with this girl.

I am not able to explain a lot of stuff about the movie. But it got me thinking like all those other movies like APOCALYPTO etc... We'll this is how we started out and this is how we have evolved into. The basic self in each and every individual is still the same, WE ARE ALL THE SAME ANIMALS INSIDE, BARBARIC AND ALL...