Sunday, May 6, 2007

Chocolates and Icecreams

One more gift, these species has been blessed by god almighty is Chocolates and Ice creams...
Well I eat a lot of chocolates and ice creams, no matter how bad my skin gets. Don't want to give up on the very few happy things I do as well.

I had conducted a survey, while I was working in Doncaster and Bassetlaw Trust, amongst all the ladies. My only question was : What would you choose a nice round of making love with your Boyfriend or A lovely bar of chocolates and a nice book to go with it? Trust me... More than 80% wanted just the chocolates ( Guess it is less cumbersome and tasty too). The ones who chose the other choice were soon on this side of the rally too.

It is said Chocolates releases chemicals which can stimulate the sexual pleasure and it is also said that eating chocolates during pregnancy makes happy babies. I am not kidding, guys!!! Check it for yourself: and

I love them in spite my bad gene pool of diabetes, hypertension and sorts of crap... Well! I really don't want to lose on the aspect of eating what I love, Immaterial of what it causes...


Where can I even start about music? It is one of my best friends and will be forever. Whenever I eat ice creams, I can almost hear my mom saying " you are gonna spoil your voice". Never really thought of it much, till I went to college. After singing in a few competitions and winning them, I realised I had an OK voice and atleast I am able to hold the note...(Thanks to my teacher who had taught carnatic vocal for 6 years, who had really put up with my nonsense).

Whether it is SPB singing "munpaniya" or Hariharan singing "kadhalai yaradi mudhalil solvadhu" or Haricharan singing "Unnai kandenne".... They all can put smile in the face and a give a very very heavy heart... If I keep saying about all my favourite songs, I think this space won't be enough. I haven't even started on the female playback singers and there is carnatic vocal, instrumental, Hindustani ghazals, and then there is all other genres like hip hop, blues, reggae, rap, Latin, Persian, etc etc ....

I can talk for an eternity about music through out...... Thank god that we are blessed with all these lovely voices. Life would have been a disaster without music...God bless all of them...

My son

I love my son and he is the only driving force for me in life. I will live for him and die for him. He makes me laugh and cry at the same time. He makes me happy and proud and drives me nuts. I have no patience and My mom always used to say" Well! may be I should have been so hard on you. You have a son not a computer. Well what can I say? I don't have patience.

One very interesting creature i met in my journey to el dorado told me that I am a terrible mom. But a wonderful father!!! I take this as an opportunity to congratulate myself for that. At least I am able to do one role properly.LOL...

Words of wisdom

  • Money is not everything...
    There's MasterCard & Visa!
  • Save water...Shower with your girl friend!
  • Love thy neighbor...But don't get caught!
  • Behind every successful man, there is a woman...And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two!
  • Every man should marry...After all, happiness is not the only thing in life.
  • Wise men never marry...And, when they marry they become *otherwise*.
  • Children in backseats cause accidents...Accidents in backseats cause children!"
  • Hard work never killed anybody..."But why take the risk!
  • "Work fascinates me!"I can look at it for hours!!
  • God made relatives...Thank God we can choose our friends.
  • The more you learn, the more you know...The more you know, the more you forget!The more you forget, the less you know...So... why learn?!
  • Love is photogenic...It needs darkness to *develop*!

Movie which disturbed me....

I love watching movies, anything that doesn't have too much violence or war stuff. I just feel very uncomfortable. I watched this movie called "Bridges of Madison County" by Meryl steep and Clint Eastwood. Simple but complex story, unperverted script and romance...
Let me give you all a briefing. In a very small village, Francesca(Meryl) lives her lovely but dull life with her husband and kids. Her duties are enormous right from the start of the day till the end. Never bothered to think of what she wanted to do in life, neither she tried to see. She loves her family, her husband but the routine and the midlife crisis and the question of what is her purpose makes her slightly disturbed.
Children are growing up and husband is busy and all of them go out of station leaving her for a week. When she goes out for a stroll on the bridge opposite her house, a photographer working for National geographic channel comes to her to asking for direction. She is surprised by his life style with so much freedom and his love for travelling. She falls for him and just wants to talk to him about everything she will not be able to see in her life time. Her desire and passion for life and her dull, placid life makes her to fall in love with him. She never felt so alive and the next three days are the best days of her life. She does everything she ever wanted to do and walks with him everywhere, talks to him, laughs with him and makes love to him everywhere in the kitchen, bathtub etc and etc.
Day four: It is time for her to leave him. Now she feels that he is just going to leave and brag about taking her to bed to all others and hurt her feelings and picks up a fight with him. He stands there silently and opens his heart. She knows that he really loves her. But now, she has to choose... Can she let go off her kids and husband and live with that guilt? She doesn't want her love to him be tainted in anyway. So decides to stay and continue her duties to the family with Lots of heartache and tears. She dies one day and she thinks of those 4 days even as she dies.
She writes a will and mentions that she wants to be burnt and to spread the ashes on the bridge where she met him first. She says that she could not let go of her responsibility when she was alive so at least let it mingle with him no that she is dead. Her children comes to know about this from her diary and her will. They still couldn't digest what their mother had done. At the end, they come to realise that every living person has a hidden self which lives and dies without ever having a chance to express. The children feels that at least their mom was able to live it for 4 days in her life and returns back to their lifeless shells.
True love is not just about the wedding, it has to continue for the whole life. Why is that wedding always stays not the love? Love just disappears into a thin film. If no one is happy with a family life and everyone is hurt at the end, what is the purpose of this restricting constraint? Why is that Sex for men is based on the body and for a women, its based on their minds? The laws of a society and suffocating constraints of family just makes women live in a world without air to breathe.And most of the women live a dead life anyways. But is it worth living life for others and not for ourselves...........

Love: mystery or misery

Love has always been a mystery to all. So many have just wasted away in front of this mirror like in Harry Potter's movie. Others are either brave enough to go on in life placidly or just dig a big grave inside, bury everything and die inside. If everyone has felt pain in our lives, it is when we lose our loved ones to either death or just failure. It feels really bad and leaves us with tear stained eyes and a heart that sinks to the bottom.
If it is such a misery, why do so many people fall in love? I think, no matter how it started whether by mere looks or by some chemistry or some mysterious magic and no matter what the duration is, let it be one day or month or a life time and no matter how it ends, whether in marriage or in court or just separating or in grave, you feel so alive to be liked by one. You do feel that your day has become brighter, you want to look good, you want to sing and do all kinds of nonsense.
Well that is why they say " IT IS BETTER TO HAVE LOVED AND LOST THAN NOT LOVED AT ALL". I agree....

Thamizh vazhga: Long live tamil

I have always enjoyed reading poetry especially in tamil. I have been an avid reader since childhood. One of my all time favourites are Aganannuru and Bharathiyar kavidaigal and Thirukurral.

There is one very favourite song of Mahakavi bharathiyar, which I would love to quote here.

தேடிச் சோறு நிதம் தின்று
பலசின்னஞ்சிறு கதைகள் பேசிவாடித் துன்பமிக உழன்று
பிறர்வாடப் பல செயல்கள் செய்துநரை கூடிக்
கிழப்பருவம் யெய்திகொடுங் கூற்றுக்கிரைஎனப்
பின்மாயும் பல வேடிக்கை மனிதரைப் போல
நானும் இங்கு வீழ்வேன் என்று நினைத்தாயோ
- மகா கவி சுப்ரமணிய பாரதி
Let me try and translate it to the best of my knowledge. Forgive me if there is any sorkutram and porulkutram ( Mistakes ).
This song is been addressed to Death
Searching for the daily bread
Bickering of unwanted things through out
Churning in the day to day misery
Hurting all others in the way of achieving pointless things
Getting older day by day
Succumbing for death finally and going without a trace
Do you think I am one of those funny people
Who would carry on life this way and fall your way....
Mahakavi Bharathi.
What a great personality and what a thinking? Hats off to him.