Sunday, May 6, 2007

Chocolates and Icecreams

One more gift, these species has been blessed by god almighty is Chocolates and Ice creams...
Well I eat a lot of chocolates and ice creams, no matter how bad my skin gets. Don't want to give up on the very few happy things I do as well.

I had conducted a survey, while I was working in Doncaster and Bassetlaw Trust, amongst all the ladies. My only question was : What would you choose a nice round of making love with your Boyfriend or A lovely bar of chocolates and a nice book to go with it? Trust me... More than 80% wanted just the chocolates ( Guess it is less cumbersome and tasty too). The ones who chose the other choice were soon on this side of the rally too.

It is said Chocolates releases chemicals which can stimulate the sexual pleasure and it is also said that eating chocolates during pregnancy makes happy babies. I am not kidding, guys!!! Check it for yourself: and

I love them in spite my bad gene pool of diabetes, hypertension and sorts of crap... Well! I really don't want to lose on the aspect of eating what I love, Immaterial of what it causes...

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