Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sex... Is it Divine or a Weapon!!!

In medical college, the first thing we were taught is that every living thing, no matter what sort of intelligence it has, they are designed to do only two things. One is to eat and the next is to F**K, sorry procreate is the term used there and give an offspring. It applies to the single celled organism to the ones with the highest intelligence, so called humans...

So, If it is the case, When did rules and regulations come into place? When did ideas like One man for One woman and stuff like that come into existence? Why do we give importance to culture like wedding and sex after marriage, at least for name sake? Why is it still difficult to discuss about sexual feelings, doubts, experimentation's and expertise to anyone openly? And most of all, why is there a bunch of people who keeps saying India is so rich in tradition and culture and heritage and should not let such discussions about sex education and premarital sex into this country?

For a country, which is so laden with rich tradition and moral values, India is still topping the chart in second place in AIDS in world. And In my experience of working in a few rural areas, the amount of illegal abortions and stuff is huge. Same goes to the cities and towns as well. So If sex is happening everywhere, Why are we not still open minded about it and talk and accept it? How can a same act be ok if done in secrecy, how much ever out of the way it could be but not to be discussed? Why is there so much of hippocracy and idiocracy associated with it?

One of my colleague is a widow and she is not interested in getting married again because of her bad previous marital life. And One of my friend is a divorcee with one kid and One of them is just so terribly abused by her husband financially, emotionally and physically. All three of them have the same question in life. That is " I AM NOT INTERESTED IN GETTING MARRIED AGAIN, BUT HOW CAN I SATISFY MY SEXUAL URGE?''. One of them was so depressed, She had to take a help of a Psychiatrist and finally had a counselling to channelise herself in healthy activities like going to temple or reading or getting involved in family more. Funny, I felt... When men can f**k and s***w anyone they feel like, why can't women? What is wrong with it? Is there anything wrong in it? The needs and wants are the same to both men and women, isn't it?

If Sex and other stuff are going under the table at such alarming rates, Why is it wrong to have just a plain sexual relationship? Why is it so difficult in India to get out of society's tongue? If it had been a different country or a culture, It is no big deal. Coz That is what it is... SEXUAL URGE is like hunger...

I am not trying to demoralise the values that are existing in anyways. But If things are happening, Why can't we accept it as it is, without trying to pass on a judgement. Girls are always a target for any sort of insult. In every country and culture, If a man has to be insulted, the women in the family are being tainted. How is that every bad word in every country be talking about the women's genital? If Sex is divine and so honourable, why are we not able to see such theories in real life?

Well, I don't know what to say further. If at all, there is something that has improved, women are getting literate and they are able to stand on their own and able to make decision on their own, at least for a little bit. But no matter, where they are born and how they are been raised and how they settle down, every where women live their life in false pretense most of the times. I have seen so many women of different age groups, still not knowing what an orgasm is. Well, when sex is high on the roof, even then it is the men who are having the most of it. Nothing much...

When a women is been sexually harassed, it causes her so much pain and mental trauma. Have you heard anything like this associated with men? Well, I have not. I have read that Starting from the most ancient times till now, during war in which ever country it is, thousands and thousands of women are being rapped and killed and incapacitated. Why does women automatically become the weaker sex? Is it because of the fact, women are mere recepients of a few secretions from the glands of men or because they can get pregnant and men cannot or is it just because of all the age old crap being fed into every single men that they are some kind of superior race?

Well, I heard a phrase, a funny one, which talks about rape, " If you can't fight it, just lie back and enjoy it". Very cruel, I used to think once, Now I am not sure what sort of feelings it stirrs inside of me. Whatever it is, I just want to say that there is still discrimination between men and women everywhere, right from bed.

AAAAAAAA!!!! Curse or a Blessing...

As years pass by, the names which were so important in my life, has turned into mere names, with nothing else ringing bell. Why does that happen? Does it happen to all? What is the purpose of something so beautiful just turning so insignificant? If we all had some distant vision, would we have walked holding any relationship so close to your heart and ultimately have it stabbed so badly and walk with just scars inside, which even now bleeds? Is it God who plays behind all this? Well, Does God have time for all this? Finally, Who is God anyways?

As I was talking to my son, who is now 5, he suddenly asked me a weird question. He asked me whom all I knew died or passed away? I told him that I watched both my Grandpa's and my Grandma ( My father's mom) and My Dad and My Athai (both were doctors who passed away tragically at younger age) and two of my classmates (One was senthil kumar who committed suicide when he was in the first year of college and another friend who drowned and died) and a friend's husband who died when he was just around 26 leaving my friend and her 2 year old son and so on.

As I was listing and each time I said one name, A reel of images of them laughing with me and their faces at their death and all these painful things kept stirring in. Suddenly My son threw a question at me again, asking whether I will die? Well I didn't know what to say for less than a second. Then I had to lift my head and say "Yes! Pappa, Mommy will die one day too". His next question threw me off my balance totally. He asked me, " Mom! Then, Will I die too"?

What should I say to him? It was such a horror laden thought to think of my Son that way. But, I did not want to lie to him, So I told him, "Yes! Pappa, You will die some day too". He got a bit upset and said that he did not want to die. Well, Don't we all... Then, he just settled with something to play and left me with so many questions hanging in the air.

In most of the epics, I have heard of all Rishis and Gurus asking for not giving them rebirth again. Well, If I am asked, what will I say? I definitely don't want to be born, for sure... Too much pain...

One of the best part I liked in Mahabaratha is the final journey of all the Pandavas and Drowpathi and a Dog to heaven with their bodily forms. When everyone falls, King Dharuma will be the one with the Dog who would be standing in front of the Gates of Heaven, where He would be asked a lot of questions. One of the questions directed to him was WHAT IS THE MOST FUNNY THING IN THIS WORLD ?

Guess what would have been his answer. Well! He said that PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO DIE TOMORROW SIT AND CRY FOR THE PERSON WHO DIED TODAY, this is the most funny thing in this world. Thinking of which, It is such a true word but hard to digest.

Well! There will be an opening line in the animation movie called Antz where Woody Allen would have given voice to a character called Z. He would have been a depressed and confused ant who will have a session in his Psychiatrist and keep saying he feels so insignificant. And the Psychiatrist will shout, Well... Z! You have made a Breakthrough!!! YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT!!!

There you go!!! Shout you people of earth! Time is of no concern, words are of no concern and nothing is of no concern, Coz, We are so insignificant... All we can do in this, is just live and let live happily.

Good Bad and the Ugly!!!

Well, It's been just my silly poems, of late filling the blog pages. I thought i would rather write something else for a change. Life sometimes puts me in a funny place, where i can see changes right in front of my eyes.

So far, i have only one best friend, in whom I confide everything. Funny, we don't talk regularly or update ourselves frequently. But whenever we talk, I could just feel the same warmth and care and affection in her for me. She is such a wonderful person. She always says that i run into relationships and get out heart broken. She used to be picky all the times, with friends. But I used to make both friends and enemies fast. LOL...

She will say the relationship which takes the longest time to mature, is the one which will stay the longer. Well, theoretically, I know this by heart. But in my real life, I am such a loser. I always see relationships which start out so colourfully, turns into bland things within months almost like a bubblegum losing its flavour.

The hard part is each time I go near so fast and come out so fast. Sometimes certain links get broken, certain links remains out of focus, certain links gets turned into ugly monsters and certain links just vanish with time. But no matter what it is, the ultimate loser in this charade is Myself...

So almost like a resolution taken in this month of June, I am not going to step into anyone. Would rather stay alone than searching for fakes in this sea full of fakes... I don't know whether any of what I said made any sense at all, well that is me, end of the day. Take it or leave it...