Sunday, October 28, 2012

And the piling queries ..

A very well thought set of questions by asomeone on the blog article I wrote about @rajanleaks vs @chinmayi

I have no say in what was spoken between the two groups and what the real issue is...But what bothers me most in this case is 

1. Why has Cyber Crime been so involved in this when there have been multiple cases filed and thrown away to the dustbin?

2. Why was the arrest done so well planned to be before public holidays? This isn't a terrorist activity to be kept for so many days to investigate.

3. If one side wanted to ensure that a case is filed and they expect justice from court, why is one side of equation keep on getting their stance clarified through media while the others have been refrained from doing so?

4. Why has the media not been able to expose what is the real complaint and what are the evidences presented?

5. Who is giving these statements of sexual torture to the media while the accusing party is claiming they did not?

6. Why has a bail not been given in this case even after two days of court functioning? who is preventing this?

7. If an elderly lady has been considered to have been offended with derogatory sly remarks , can we substitute "bloody !#@$!#%!#%" said by one side and substitute with "bas****" and consider they have used derogatory terms against the other side?

8. Have the jailed party families have a complaint copy yet? Have they been informed or did they find from media? Why is the media ignoring this so blatantly?

9. What happened to the case filed by a new group against the accusing party?

Even if they have committed wrong (need to wait to see what the courts say), treating the way these ordinary people who have no power, money or influence been treated, stands tall to the fact that there are really only two classes of people - Oppressed and Oppressors.

And to add on from my point of view,

From what I heard from the friends, 

1. Prior to all these issues spiralling out of control, several mediators from twitter have gotten in touch with chinmayi and her mother to apologize for the sly remarks which were inappropriately made from their side. In spite of various attempts, they didn't accept the apologies made both in person and on paper by both @rajanleaks and @sharankay in the commissioner's office and still were summoned and been put behind bars for the past 6 days now.

2. All the newspapers were contacted prior these events and a personal plea was made by a group representing twitter and all the twitter handles, chinmayi had complained about, so that their photographs would be refrained from publishing. In spite of repeated requests, their photographs have been promulgated. 

My question is that, there are perverts who molests children, rapists and murderers who goes unnoticed from the public eyes and all of them just become one amongst the very many faceless and nameless criminals in the society and all that reaches the public is a small column hidden behind the bold advertisements. SO WHY WERE THESE MEN TARGETED SPECIFICALLY? 

3. If derogatory comments were made and If it is justice everyone needs, why haven't the police and men of justice acted upon @meenakandasamy petition, while she was openly threatened that she will be gang raped and had endured much more denigrating comments?

4. If these men lose their jobs for an issue like this and are razed down, can chinmayi be sued on court based on human rights act for all the humility and stress these people and their family have undergone?

Chinmayi still keeps portraying herself as the victim here and acting all innocent while in actual fact she is proving to be more and more mendacious..