Friday, May 4, 2007

Well living life is all about it, isnt it...

I was born and brought up in a place where there was a lot of freedom and love. I think that was the best part in my life so far... Coz getting both these elements together is very tough. Life takes us through so many hurdles and makes us happy, sad, lost, confused and we are all engrossed in these.

I sit in the hall of my grandmama's place and watch the age old fan which is still trying to run. I know it has seen 6 generations now till my son. All the women of the family looking at me from behind those tainted pictures hanging in the wall. I have felt love, loss, ecstasy and confusion in between this rat race of my life. I am so engrossed with it and feel that i am the only one here suffering. But now I am trying to recollect my ancestor's name. I know my mom and my grandma's name and her mom's. What about the other nameless faces who were there before???

They must have laughed like me, played like me, cried like me, loved like me. But where are the scripts to say who they are and how they lived and died. hahahahahaha... Not even a tiny bit of information. Funny isn't it. How can they have lived their lives this way? Am i just to scared to look beyond? Yes... the technology has improved so much...huh

Well i am trying to pick up the courage of putting myself in this massive time clock. I am important to my mom, husband and son and then to my friends. I might live for another decade or may be couple more. So how long will the ripple of my existence live across this space? I am going to be insignificant and then my memories will get eroded and I might become one of those nameless faces or may be with a name but without any significance. Like watching these poor souls pictures in the news paper in the condolence section...

So though, here we go, I know i am less than a tiny grain of sand in this vast beach and might erode into nothing, I continue to march into the daily rat race with a nice smile in my face. Brave of me, right... I would love to congratulate all the other grains of sands which comprise this massive time clock...

My trial number 2: Once in a misty night

Once in a misty night,
When the shadows touch each other
You and Me were there….
You took me in and made me come inside you
Here I look around, I have no worries
You eat for me, you sleep for me, and you have me within you
I have given you everything and I am not me anymore

Once in a lonely night,
I searched for you in my heart, my song and my music
Though I was within you, I was longing for you
My lonely heart sank and out came a song
My song melted you; you are nowhere to be seen
Here we are
You are gone and I am gone too
But we are in our shadows waiting for one last touch

Till then, My love
I don’t know where I end and where you start.
We are everywhere and we are nowhere
In the bliss of this sad night
Here I am waiting with my song
For one last touch.

chumma trial; Just for fun

Why is that I feel that I get just lonely and left alone and evapourate into this thin ethereal spirit and get lost for ever. I feel like an ant in this massive cyberspace

Well trial is all about it. What the bleep do we know