Friday, June 22, 2007

In between the journey!!!

How uncertain are the distances covered in my travel?
The map of my long journey and roads lies unfolded
All I have is the shadows of twilight to show me the path
What am I afraid off?

My footprints are smeared all along my road
But I will not know with what?
But I am still scared!
Fate does twinkle at us like a distant cold star…

Behind every closed doors and folded palms something awaits
But Am I aware of it?
Can I rest a while please!!!

Do I have time for that one second of death?

Can I quench my thirst with a few drops from the dried up roots
Our rivers might bring us together
What else can we hold in this mystic journey?
Except for a few twigs of hope!!!


Years ago…
My minutes were just spent making plans
Thinking every second, even in my nights
Lied only one single question…
How can I win your eyes?

My smiles…
My tears…
My anger…
My passion…
My madness…
My love…
My search…
My quests were all done, only to win for your eyes!!!

My eyes and face kept doing charades every day…
Now that the end is near in this hourglass…
Here my emotions have eroded!!!
Here my words have dissolved!!!
Here my eyes have evaporated!!!
And I can see your eyes now…
And I look at you, but you mean nothing anymore…
Like a distorted image of a colours!


We live under the same roof,
We share the same floor,
We breathe the same air that carries your and my scents!
I can hear your footsteps and so can you!
I can feel what you are doing this minute
And I know you too can sense me!

Under this same house,
We live in our separate homes.
Though my essence still keeps waltzing in your rooms,
Your home is not mine!
Though your pictures smiles from my walls
My home is not yours!

My house is my home
Your house is your home!!!
Our barricades never touches each other

In a sad and distant way…