Friday, June 22, 2007

In between the journey!!!

How uncertain are the distances covered in my travel?
The map of my long journey and roads lies unfolded
All I have is the shadows of twilight to show me the path
What am I afraid off?

My footprints are smeared all along my road
But I will not know with what?
But I am still scared!
Fate does twinkle at us like a distant cold star…

Behind every closed doors and folded palms something awaits
But Am I aware of it?
Can I rest a while please!!!

Do I have time for that one second of death?

Can I quench my thirst with a few drops from the dried up roots
Our rivers might bring us together
What else can we hold in this mystic journey?
Except for a few twigs of hope!!!

1 comment:

asksukumar said... was like as if I read a hard binded spiritual enlightenment book!