Friday, June 22, 2007


We live under the same roof,
We share the same floor,
We breathe the same air that carries your and my scents!
I can hear your footsteps and so can you!
I can feel what you are doing this minute
And I know you too can sense me!

Under this same house,
We live in our separate homes.
Though my essence still keeps waltzing in your rooms,
Your home is not mine!
Though your pictures smiles from my walls
My home is not yours!

My house is my home
Your house is your home!!!
Our barricades never touches each other

In a sad and distant way…


Encrypted Heart said...

chanceless......... touched my heart ...... I can sense wat do u feel......

Vetti pullai said...


Life can be so easy if only things were little more distant. It is the space which they talk about nowadays. No suffocating relationships and no difficult relationships