Friday, June 1, 2007


Don't ask me questions, I have always got answers...
In this canopy of words, where no questions survive
I live alone...
In this myriad, where no questions metamorphosis
I still live alone...

All around the leaves, tendrils, barks, trunks and roots
Lives the answers without questions.
All kinds of answers reside side by side

Answers that will satisfy you
Answers that will aggravate you
Answers that will identify you
Answers that will crush you
Answers that you expect
Answers that you don't expect
Answers with words
Answers without verses
Answers with meanings
Answers without heart
Answers with hope
Answers that will bury you hope

With these, My jungle is stuffed with answers
No one dares to put a foot into my forest
Even if they do, none go back empty handed
But none throws the seeds of questions to sprout around the answers.


The lovely days, I have spent with you
The times, I was mad with your thoughts
The dates, which we just spent laughing
The happy minutes, we enjoyed together
Letters, we shared with love
The poems, which dug deep into our souls
The nights, we spent talking
The warp, in which we both were lost
The days, we were drenched in our anger
The nights, we quenched it with our touches
Kisses, which just kept us alive
The gaps, in which we slept
The minutes, which we wanted to spent together
The seconds, we suffered for our separation
The hours, we waited to see again
Seems to have lost inside my aberrations today!!!
You and me were just mere images that keeps on churning
Will not be the same again.