Monday, May 14, 2007

Silent and Alone!!!

In this long and mysterious night
When all other beings have stopped even their heart beats
I can only hear the screaming of silence at its top pitch
Tell me again, what am I searching for in this?

In this frozen night, searching for a blanket
Am I looking for warmth to cover me?
Am I looking for the hands to hide me?
Am I looking for the soothing words to put some life back?
What is that I am searching for again?

I am so tired of searching for nothing
In the lonely places, just to hide my fears
Just to chase my void thoughts,
I keep shouting your name again and again.

Let me slice my lips off, just to make me forget about your kisses
It is hard to kill the soul that has been lost in your kisses.
I neither need your love nor your passion nor my patience
Tell me again, what am I searching for?

When the fights have finished,
When your killing accusations have rested,
When you want to kiss and make up,
Let my face without lips be there to greet you
Like a beautiful painting tainted to ugliness…

Will you ever realize that I have a soul that is searching for love?
My search may go in vain,
But my search will never seize…
Tell me again, what am I searching for?