Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One done from the list of things to do before I die!!!

I should say, I have always found swimming as almost next to impossible and mysterious. How can a human no matter what their weight is capable of floating in the water? Will it ever be possible for me to buoyant? And given my present size and shape, I almost gave up on the idea of learning to swim. But, With a help of a very good heart and a very strict teacher, I am now floating in the water.

I go to Anse lazio, which is a lovely beach in the whole of earth, that will captivate your heart and soul whenever possible. It didn't occur over night. I remember the first day, when I drank almost a gallon of sea water and left the beach with a burning throat, nose and eyes, I almost cursed myself for getting into the water. But slowly and steadily, I am able to not only float but move with the water. This week when I went to the beach, I got into the water and I thought I forgot all about swimming. My hands and legs didn't work. But slowly I caught the feel and I started swimming. The current and the back draft is so strong in the beach during high tides, But I still managed. Got a well done from my lovable teacher too.

As I was swimming, It started raining so much. Do you know that the sea water becomes warm when it rains. It felt like heaven and it is surely a feeling to be experienced!!! Yo... People!!! Start swimming and feel what I mean... What can I say? Though we have all been water borne all the nine months in our mother's womb, We just lose touch! But I am sure, it will be OK in matter of time. I am now training to hold breath underwater, which is scary... But I will update about my new found talent...