Sunday, October 28, 2012

And the piling queries ..

A very well thought set of questions by asomeone on the blog article I wrote about @rajanleaks vs @chinmayi

I have no say in what was spoken between the two groups and what the real issue is...But what bothers me most in this case is 

1. Why has Cyber Crime been so involved in this when there have been multiple cases filed and thrown away to the dustbin?

2. Why was the arrest done so well planned to be before public holidays? This isn't a terrorist activity to be kept for so many days to investigate.

3. If one side wanted to ensure that a case is filed and they expect justice from court, why is one side of equation keep on getting their stance clarified through media while the others have been refrained from doing so?

4. Why has the media not been able to expose what is the real complaint and what are the evidences presented?

5. Who is giving these statements of sexual torture to the media while the accusing party is claiming they did not?

6. Why has a bail not been given in this case even after two days of court functioning? who is preventing this?

7. If an elderly lady has been considered to have been offended with derogatory sly remarks , can we substitute "bloody !#@$!#%!#%" said by one side and substitute with "bas****" and consider they have used derogatory terms against the other side?

8. Have the jailed party families have a complaint copy yet? Have they been informed or did they find from media? Why is the media ignoring this so blatantly?

9. What happened to the case filed by a new group against the accusing party?

Even if they have committed wrong (need to wait to see what the courts say), treating the way these ordinary people who have no power, money or influence been treated, stands tall to the fact that there are really only two classes of people - Oppressed and Oppressors.

And to add on from my point of view,

From what I heard from the friends, 

1. Prior to all these issues spiralling out of control, several mediators from twitter have gotten in touch with chinmayi and her mother to apologize for the sly remarks which were inappropriately made from their side. In spite of various attempts, they didn't accept the apologies made both in person and on paper by both @rajanleaks and @sharankay in the commissioner's office and still were summoned and been put behind bars for the past 6 days now.

2. All the newspapers were contacted prior these events and a personal plea was made by a group representing twitter and all the twitter handles, chinmayi had complained about, so that their photographs would be refrained from publishing. In spite of repeated requests, their photographs have been promulgated. 

My question is that, there are perverts who molests children, rapists and murderers who goes unnoticed from the public eyes and all of them just become one amongst the very many faceless and nameless criminals in the society and all that reaches the public is a small column hidden behind the bold advertisements. SO WHY WERE THESE MEN TARGETED SPECIFICALLY? 

3. If derogatory comments were made and If it is justice everyone needs, why haven't the police and men of justice acted upon @meenakandasamy petition, while she was openly threatened that she will be gang raped and had endured much more denigrating comments?

4. If these men lose their jobs for an issue like this and are razed down, can chinmayi be sued on court based on human rights act for all the humility and stress these people and their family have undergone?

Chinmayi still keeps portraying herself as the victim here and acting all innocent while in actual fact she is proving to be more and more mendacious.. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting my questions and the additional information I couldnt share.

Will revisit this site again !

Thank you !

Vettipullai said...

@ whoever you are

Thanks for sharing the very well phrased questions.. Pleasure

Anonymous said...

All these people know that Chinmayi was unnecessarily harassed on twitter and blog and personal email. People implicitly and explicitly abused her.

All of the sudden, that has taken caste angle, power angle and community bias angle.

This reminds of politicians, men and elders justifying rape and sexual harassment by saying girls who dress in modern clothes(jeans, shirt), girls who are out beyond good hours(apparently good girls need to be home before sun sets), girls who speak with an unknown man all brought it on themselves. It's never about the actual heinous crimes of the abusers.

- Kajan

Vettipullai said...

@kajan what are you talking about?? You need to understand that I/we are not supporting any harassment here at all.

Chinmayi has specifically given names of people from twitter and has mentioned that these are the very same who have sexually harassed her and threatened her along with her mom and blackmailed her for money.

All the names she has given are of people who had clashes with her long time ago, over sensitive issues like fisherman and caste etc.

I am not saying that she was not harassed by people and there is not a single question that has to be very harshly opposed and fought against.

But she and you and whoever are on her side, needs to know not every single vulgar harassment that goes her way, were from these people. YOU are smart enough to understand that there are a lot of perverts in and around us and every female who poses her opinion on the internet undergoes harassment on a day to day basis.

All that I have been trying to say is, these people whom she is blaming are not those. I can vouch for that, because I have personally met most of these people and they belong to middle class and are simple men of good morale, families and responsibilities. Yes sometimes, the comments do get sly and abrasive but if that is all they have done, so has chinmayi on so many occasions.



Did you even know that @rajanleaks is an orphan who has fought his way through his studies and his job and also had the guts to marry another girl who was an orphan herself and they have lovely baby girl.. He is an excellent writer, which you can understand if you ever visit his blog. His sense of humour is not everyone's cup of tea. but that is life.. we dont like every single person we meet. And Rajan has been trying to apologize for the rift he had had with chinmayi for the past 6 months..

@senthlchn is a simpleton who is from a simple family and father of a girl himself. The only reason his name and @sharankay name were included were because of the telephone threat which chinmayi's mom made to senthil and their rambling after that for which they both have profoundly apologized to chinmayi's mom in person. These two have never been in any conflicts prior to this with chinmayi..

Still my friends are in jail for almost a week, where the murderers, thieves, rapists, frauds are kept and their names are constantly on media and their photos plastered now and then as if they have done something close to national threat..


Anonymous said...

BACK OFF? Sweetheart, if you want people to back off, you should back off from posting anything on an issue that has taken public stage? Or is that logic not making sense to you? Or is only your side of the truth allowed to be spoken about? You have posted what 'you believe is true' on a public space but if someone refutes it with a logical explanation, you get inflamed?

If you have the right to question Chinmayi and her supporters, then her supporters have every right to question Rajan and his supporters. So if every female on internet hides in fear of facing brutes, Chinmayi too must hide. I had silently seen Chinmayi being targeted for tweeting in a language other than Tamil to people calling her anti-Tamil for saying something as obvious as blogging in English would reach a bigger audience.

For your info, I did visit Mr. Rajan's twitter account and his friends sporadically and found his and his friends comments on Chinmayi and women in general derogative. Why, there was derogatory comments among his friends about the CM, for pete's sake!

If all the names she has given were of other people, then why would the police arrest the wrong people? You have said yourself that Mr. Rajan's "Sense of humor" is not everyones cup of tea. Perhaps this educated individual should have had the sense to stop going after Chinmayi when he realized his kind of humor is not her cup of tea?

- Kajan

Anonymous said...

"...I can vouch for that, because I have personally met most of these people and they belong to middle class and are simple men of good morale, families and responsibilities. Yes sometimes, the comments do get sly and abrasive but if that is all they have done, so has chinmayi on so many occasion..."

I am sure that because you have met these individuals in real life, they are perfect gentlemen with everyone that they meet. These simple men of good morales and responsibility sure had choice words to use when they were talking about Chinmayi, her mother and actresses or general female issues. Chinmayi may have debated with them, but she never responded in their crude manner. Mr. Rajan being an orphan and being the father of a girl does not make him excusable. IF anything, he should have chosen his words wisely considering his daughter will grow up to see his words and actions. He was an adult of, judging by his popularity, with more than average brains. Him not having a mother is not an excuse to go around taking lightly about other people's feelings about theirs. Unfortunately, we should know from what females experience that a man having a daughter doesn't mean he is innocent of female harassment.

In Tamilnadu, where people were busy discussing cricket scores and TV serials, Chinmayi at least had the heart to blog of burning social issues, of hate crimes on Tamils in Srilanka. She didn't have to do that... but she did. How many popular stars did that? Some public people hid behind their cyber mask and commented but she was a public face when she blogged.

Today, people are abusing her for everything from vocalization the harassment she faced to the caste she belongs to singing the songs she sings. Are people going to take on A.R.Rahman and Ilayaraja and abuse them for the songs they create! People want to pull away from the real fact of the charges and bring in their hatred against other communities.

Yes, your friend is in jail. Obviously you are concerned. Even a killer's mother will claim her son a victim. The fact remains that this intelligent man thought his anonymity saved him from consequences. Then he fell victim to his ego. I too hope, for the sake of all concerned, the issue is cleared. For both the young woman with a mother who is facing a hard time today and to the little baby with a mother who will have to face, in her future, men like Rajan and friends. Hopefully, he doesn't treat his own daughter as derogatorily as he does other people's daughters.

- Kajan

PaulGregory.... said...

TO Mr.Kajan

So U closely watch this case i belive do u know what are the sections filled against mr.Rajan and Mr.Saran ?

Vettipullai said...

@kajan, I cannot stop laughing at your comment. Sweets, Read what I have written, carefully.

I am not at all inflammed by your ignorance. Dear sir, All I care to tell is what actually happened and what is been twisted and fabricated as to what had happened...

Everyone has the right to stand up to what they believe in, which is exactly what I am doing..

I once again am trying to tell you that I don't deny that chinmayi has been targeted recurrently. But Why did she have tell rajan and other's name, when that is not the case...

Did you even know that the actual time rajan spoke to chinmayi just once on TL... that too for her comments about caste... here is the actual link for that

She went on a rampant spree and blocked most of them.. the next time rajan had anything to do with chinmayi was when @maheshmurthy published his name on his article as one amongst the badshahs of entertainment..

You can go and visit mahesh murthy's twitter account once again, as to how chinmayi tried to get rajan's name... here the current conversation that happened between both mahesh and chinmayi regarding the very same..

THis is the article rajan has posted in March 2012, if you can read tamil..

Yet again, you are sidetracking.. I am not saying rajan hasn't commented about political leaders.. But that is an entirely different argument... what has that got to do with chinmayi...

There are constant reminders that both chinmayi and his mom were harassed but what is their evidence to support it was definitely rajan who was behind this...

THis is the evidence for how chinmayi's mom reacted when people have tried to apologize and settle the whole issue....

Yet again, I will stand up and say she has blown it out of proportion. Best way to deal with people at times whom one don't get along very well is to stonewall them and get along with our lives rather than reacting to every single fling that comes your way. sometimes that is the best possible approach, which is not an act of cowardice..

Anonymous said...


You Being a male calling a female sweetheart is offence as per the standards of Chinmayi. Hope you will understand this point I think.

Anonymous said...

It's fine, as Vettipullai, has Rajan's sense of humour and has greeted me as Sweets. Don't be jeoulous!

- Kajan

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kajan,

Thats a nice way to skip things. Hope you went through all the links shared to you bye her.

Again if you can read tamil check out the other tamil tweeters views in their Timeline. Hope you will do this if you dont want to side track. Also do check with legal experts/earlier cases to know the general procedure such cases are handled even if you still believe what chinmayi has said is true.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to give you some laughter in these harsh times for you. I realize how hard a time it is and how difficult it would be for you to laugh.

You say,” Everyone has the right to stand up to what they believe in, which is exactly what I am doing…”

- Isn’t that Chinmayi has been doing? She and her mother were harassed by a bunch of men and she made a charge, and the law is taking its action. You are saying the victim has the wrong names? OK, why not bring the real abusers out? Give their names to the police.

- Again, in that TL link, there is no abuse on a specific caste in her comments. The girl has voiced her opinion that ‘no one can make anyone feel oppressed but them alone’. It’s a pretty common quote in the West. She gave her opinion on politics behind reservations. Even those who accept reservations understand the politics that drive parties. She gave her opinion on reservation. Other’s gave their opinion against her opinion. Mr. Rajan used his obviously ‘not many people’s cup of humor’ to ask if she was a wife when she said her jaathi is ‘peNN jaathi’. Wonder if he would find it humorous if someone asked his daughter the same in future. If the subject is as sensitive as everyone claims, I am surprised by the lack of sensibility by those that were offended by Chinmayi.

She BLOCKED them, you say. She took the first peaceful step to keep away from these people. SO why go around and talk junk about her with their twitter friends and utter nonsense. IT’S a public area where anyone can take offense and point you to the nonsense being written about you. Again, I have hopped onto Mr. Rajan and friends twitter accounts. I have not heard about Rajan only after his arrest, as most others running to rescue the ‘so called victim’.

Your credibility is lost when you pull Mahesh Murthy for support. I read his original article on entertainers and laughed over it. Forget his opinion on Chinmayi’s popularity. His research was exemplary when his yellow journalism wrote that a lie about the most famous singer today, Shreya Goshal, and had to apologize to the girl because Shreya pulled him up for it. Probably, the Tamil girl Chinmayi’s following doesn’t intimidate him as much as Shreya Goshal’s 1 million plus followers.

People are calling Chinmayi a liar by bringing a known liar to accuse her?!!! Mr. Murthy coming out now shows that there are yellow journalism advocates that wish to climb popularity charts at the expense of another man who bears the suffering. As he feels free to call others idiots, we can only wonder how wise it is to use this ‘idiot, based on his writing’ for defense. Judging by events, the man has more motives for an agenda against Chinmayi as the latter brought Shreya’s attention to the article.

- Kajan

Anonymous said...

Going back, In the same March 2012 article, Mr. Rajan goes on to say Chinmayi wrote in English he doesn’t understand about him being a troll, etc. Can I assume that the same person had difficulty understanding English otherwise too? IF you can’t understand what someone is saying, why accuse them of saying something they haven’t?! Chinmayi’s comments about reservation would mean a whole different thing to many well-versed in English and who aren’t biased from their surrounding already.

How is it that Chinmayi’s entire character, community and profession has to come into question, but Mr. Rajan’s role in this matter must be narrowed down to only his ‘pakidi’ comments to Chinmayi? So degrading an individual among twitter friends is fine as long as that doesn’t take place in that person’s TL? We can’t judge his personality. But the girl who voiced against social atrocities, who blogged against the oppression of Eelam Tamils, who was raised single-handedly by a devoted mother and who grew up to learn many languages, and who opened her own business and ran it successfully needs to be questioned by dissecting every word she has said?

Blown out of proportion… I think you also realize that after the comments about her mother, she did tell Mr. Rajan she will come after him. As I said already, Mr. Rajan’s orphan status is no reason to excuse his insulting another person’s mother. Can we ‘pakidi’ adikku the same way about his wife and daughter? There is something called prudence and Mr. Rajan sure didn’t follow it. Now his supporters are saying Chinmayi didn’t have prudence because of his arrAs director Selvaraghavan said, internet has too long been a place for people to abuse others by hiding in anonymity. Checking into twitter accounts, even followers of Rajan admit that he exceeded limit of freedom of speech. Cyber bullying is a worldwide problem today. And Mr. Rajan and Co. vs Ms. Chinmayi won’t be the last person involved.

Nothing against Rajan. Hope he gets out for several reasons. Wish to look beyond his derogatory comments on females. If he has a daughter, I have sisters. But by painting Chinmayi as the villain, to get the guilty sympathy, is just sad. I am not getting anything by spending this time writing out the truth. For so long, Tamil causes have been twisted by journalists and vested minds. Vested minds don’t belong to one particular community. Today, when we use the same twisting of truth to suit our need, it shows that we are no better than those that wish to oppress us. Twisting the truth is ugly, regardless of Mr. Rajan doing it, Ms. Chinmayi doing it, or me or you doing it.

Of course, another anonymous writer has said “sweetheart” was abuse. I do apologize, sister. But it was meant to suit the overall sarcasm of my reply to questions that bordered sarcasm in conduct by the other party and not to demean you or your cause. I try to respond to your questions and the answers are long. It’s a good discussion to add to as a blogpost and email my friends to clarify/question both sides. So thanks for the opportunity.

- kajan

Anonymous said...

Of course, truth being for you, what you know as fact. And for me, what I know as fact.

- Kajan

Priya / vettipullai said...

@ kajan

I can really break down all your statements point by point and retaliate, which I choose not to.. partly because I am working on my hospital night on call, which takes much more priority right now for me and partly because one has to be non judgemental to analyse things prudently..

You can call me however it pleases you, sugar. I can take sarcasm and condescending comments quite well than you think...

But I cannot help myself but just mention this one thing before I leave.. Have you noticed that for some reason sarcasm sounds very intelligent when voiced out in english and sounds rather crude and impertinent when it is mentioned in tamil... I wonder why????

Anonymous said...

I have never noticed that about English and Tamil. I have used both throughout my life and find each to be powerful languages. And I know you can speak sarcasm because as I tried to say, my post reference was that I spoke in sarcasm in reply to sarcasm in the questions raised. Do apologize if I wasn't clear.

"... partly because one has to be non judgmental to analyze things prudently..."

You have correctly identified what most people who are jumping on the bandwagon of Rajan anna and Co are missing. Too many people have already judged Chinmayi even before reading her comments or understanding her views because, to them, she is already superior to them even if she says no, I don't think that way about myself. So much excitement over her reservation posts yet I read through and she has not said defamatory things against any caste. She said all humans should thing of each other as equals. I know,... what a horrible thing to say. What an awful person she is...

When lies are repeatedly said, it will kill the truth. Enough celebrities have been victims of the 'mob mentality', which is sickening. I certainly hope that Rajan and Chinmayi have better sense than the jalras around them that are all over twitter now. The real suffering is only for those affected. Who the heck wants negative publicity in India? India is not Hollywood. Let them deal with it all amicably instead of 'jalras' on both sides trying to catch some moment in the limelight. For both their sake.

Anyhow VP, good luck on your work. IT IS much more important and a doctor's job should partly be shared with anything else.


Aaravs77 said...


I have added a view point from a different angle..


IS this what you wanted to see? Do you think it is not taking sides? OR will you say am against celebrities too?

Vijay Periasamy said...

I agree to the fullest , on your questions. What i learnt from the media was, the action against these twitters was backed heavily from the Gov Forces, mainly b'cause those persons made derogatory comments against the Government.

This case should not be taken just as chinmayi vs twitters, i believe its against government vs free will of speech.

Vettipullai said...

@ aaravs77

thanks for your perspective...

Vettipullai said...


//"... partly because one has to be non judgmental to analyze things prudently..."

You have correctly identified what most people who are jumping on the bandwagon of Rajan anna and Co are missing//

oh sugar!!! Didn't know that I had to go to such lengths to prove my point.. It's like doing an extensive postmortem... Look here, Mr. Kajan or whatever your name is, No one is trying to say that Rajan, sharan, senthil have not uttered inappropriate comments on a few occasions for which they have apologized profusely.... At least they didn't go back and delete their tweets sneakily after uttering them..

If an assistant professor is been kept behind bars for more than a week for saying inappropriate comment regarding flirting with elderly woman, where is the justice for chinmayi commenting bas**** and other colourful exclamatory cuss left out for one's imagination.. The last time I checked those were still considered to be swear words... Are am I the one who has spaced out here????

Nothing that you could stay will make me go back on my view point.. For the whole system to be penalising just the one side appears biased and rather puts this whole situation on a pedestal..

Just out of curiosity, If similar such remark has been made by a much more influential (financially /politically)person than chinmayi regarding her or her family, do you think she would have gone down the same route, I wonder...

I once again quote I am not trying to be insensitive here for a mother and a daughter here.. I understand the difficulties of a single mom very well, me being one.. I would join in and shoot down people if it actually is the entire truth, which is not the case here... Chinmayi's side have rather twisted the situation without really trying to find the actual truth and have put people's life in jeopardy..

If she is stressed, hey ho.. my friends are in jail amongst all the other criminals...

From my knowledge, this is the first case cyber crime has taken down this way.. I may be wrong regarding this coz my knowledge is limited.. But then again, You watch hundreds and hundreds Indian women on every porn site who are exploited at their most gullible moment.. I stand up for crime and abuse against women, kajan..

Don't get me wrong for asking in which way chinmayi better than any other female who had headed to cyber crime with a much much more vile stories.. Where is the proof that all the crimes are dealt with same vigilance and consideration???

//Let them deal with it all amicably instead of 'jalras' on both sides trying to catch some moment in the limelight.//
This is rather one of the first posts ever I have written about another person ever. I still admire her for her talents till date (in spite of all the bedlam)and I have never bothered following her nor her tweets but rather have just been a silent witness for all that she was writing ( personally I didn't think she was worth while contravening ). And end of the day, I still have to run around to keep my life afloat and my son's and work as hard as anyone else to put food on the table.. And I care a damn about catching any limelight that too especially about a celebrity who means nothing to me, end of the day.. I am more mature than that thank you very much..

The only reason I am still trying to talk here is because no one else on this side of the group has been given the opportunity to defend themselves which is any basic human's right.

But the cherry on top of this whole issue is, You coming and writing pages and pages here rather rings a bell or should I say, rather goes very fitting to something that you have said along the line of a so called ''jalra''..

You have a good life..

There wont be any further remarks from me anymore to your forthcoming comments..

Aaravs77 said...

hello Mr.Kajan

Its a simple matter of taking sides. what you may ask

In a patriarchial society where the abuse against women are a daily affair in physical world, taking the side of a celebrity who (because she has every right to voice her opinion just like everyone else) chooses to utter a few things that stirs a commotion, in a virtual world


just because one has the power and influence and media support and chooses to wield the instruments of law and order against ordinary citizens because they can be denied even the fundamental right to speak the last 6 days while they have been going on twisting their side of the story ?

IF you follow society and its issues, you will understand that the commotion and revolution starts when there are oppressors and oppressed.When the justice, which should be served only as per the events, takes its bias and wields the power on helpless - the problems arise.

If we indeed have to change the society for good which am sure you and I want so desperately and which Ms. Chinmayi herself claims and talks in global level meets, we need to understand that it is not possible by twisting one's arms.

She claims that she wants to set an example for the rest of the women to come forward. Really ? Do you think, the current events are possible if it is ordinary woman - IT act 66 A, to my knowledge is bailable offence. Sexual harrasment against women (in this case a sly remark between two people not even inviting the victim in their conversation and triggered only because of a phone call threat showing off their power to threaten) is not so much non-bailable here. There is no tampering of evidence or threat to life. Then why has bail not been issued? Have you bothered to think about it ?

Even if the sly remarks are an offence, what about "bulcrap" and bloody #!@$!@#$@#$ - Do you know what the meaning of "bas****" is. I hope you know - What kind of a women who speaks for Women rights in International forum go and abuse another mother? IS it not that much of an offence. The reason I used the word is because "bloddy bas*****" is a common usage of the glorified substitute?

Do you still think, these guys should be behind the bar?

And for your thing on the reservation, am a brahmin by birth and scored 91% in my first attempt but couldnt get a free seat and did not have money to join in payment seat and wrote an improvement exam to score 99% and joined after wasting one year....Yes, I am upset that ppl with good marks with no financial background do suffer...but d oyou think, Rajan - being an orphan and coming this far in life is bigger or my struggle for better education? STruggle is there everywhere and thats what we all fight against and rise ourselves higher in life. There are people still struggling for being accepted as humans in this society....

Do you think Rajan would not have faced harsh periods of life which inspite of all of it, he has turned into stark criticism of people - whether offensive or not ? IF you do not like it, dont subscribe to it. Inspite of all this, he has behaved well with Chinmayi and apologised...framing him on a case and citing references to other's off track criticism, what do you count that as ? ganging up and teaming up and beating a person? IF they are supposed to be called as Internet trolls, what should we call the ones who gang up and do it in real life?

With name and fame, humility and mercy should come - not pride and ego to spoil lives - IF one wants to change the society, one needs to live by their words...

If you still think, it is right on her side to keep them in prison , thank you ! God bless !

Vettipullai said...


brilliant post.. i have shared a few snippets of yours on twitter.. many thanks...

Anonymous said...


If your government doesn't function in a democratic manner, then it is a matter of how law is handled in the land. It speaks of the official there. The problem is that this is not exclusive to one community but all those that hold power. Just because a person wielding lower power won't get justice doesn't mean someone who can should hold back.

If the case against Rajan won't stand in court, then his friends should be working hard to prove to court and media that the case doesn't stand. It doesn't seem to be happening if both sides just keep crying that truth is being twisted.

Chinmayi has already 'claimed' her tweets are being fabricated. Having followed her twitter since she began, I have yet to see any consistency with her tweets and what is being claimed as she wrote.

Again, both with Chinmayi and Rajan, there seems to be no objective view by supporters on both ends. At the end of the day, if people feel she violated Rajan and Co's violation to freedom of speech, put a case on her for that if they think Rajan is like Aseem Trivedi. They can put forth the case of Hindustan Times and what the author claims happened if they thing she is the bully here.

But even I read that entire discourse on Chinmayi's reservation stance. She has a right to her opinion and if people felt belittled by facts, what can she or anyone do? They can carry a discourse but threatening someone or fabricated different meanings than what was said is childish behaviour.

But the fact remains, that Chinmayi faced abusive threats that went beyond her professional status or her opinions on twitter. Even the author of this post accepts that.

- Kajan

Aaravs77 said...

Sure Mr.Kajan

When you said "your land" I assume that you are not from India.

In a land where the law is not for the common man, what we can do is to shout our voices out. Thats what we are doing. And we want this internet to get the laws to the common man, to empower him, to change him and make him realise where his limits are. What we are fighting is only for a fair justice in this specific case. And in a land like ours, we need to fight for it even if we are entitled to it.

You havent really answered my questions on her choice of abusive words. Are they not beyond her professional status? Or is the status only for her? What gives her the right to put a professional institution on her facebook and abuse the institution and let allow her fans to abuse someone and an institution? Shouldnt she have just taken it to the officials and behaved in a more professiona manner? The words that you say went beyond her professional status was "rape and murder" Do you accept that? If not, can you quote me the abusive words that went beyond her status?

Also, when you do that, please point me when you have seen the two men in question uttering it against her.

Your statement "Just because a person wielding lower power won't get justice doesn't mean someone who can should hold back" makes me assume your choice of side.

Well, I will hope that you will not have to see a day when you are on the receiving end of the prosecution through power because that day you will realise what it is to feel oppressed and fight for your right. And if you do face such a day and if you are in this land of law, and if I'm alive I will still write for you ! Thank you for your time !

Aaravs77 said...


In a land of celebrities like Rahman and Sachin, who stand tall to their character and let their work speak for themslves, there are also celebrities like this. True celebrities always have the humility and the genuine concern for others. I hope our folks understand that celebrities are where they should be - Not accessible to you, even on the internet. The illusion of them accessible to you here is only what it is - an illusion.

Aaravs77 said...

Anonymous said...

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