Monday, May 7, 2007

Why is it so difficult to say sorry?

Sorry.... Such a small word with so much meaning in it. Why is it so difficult to say this small word at the right time to the right person? What is that which stops us from saying it? Is it the Pandora's box which remains seated within everyone silently with full of ego, anger, spite, jealousy, fear, hypocrisy, condescension, arrogance, which just springs open when u have the least resistance over it?

I have lost a lot of people in this due course of my silly life, because i could not bring my self to apologize. The hurt of losing the trust and love of that person continues like a deadly shadow. If only I could meddle with the time warp, I would definitely go back to say sorry, or guess i would try? As the awkward silence continues after a fight, I was just pulled far away from my friends and loved ones etc. The distance just kept growing and growing till it became a huge canyon in between the hearts and it becomes impossible to reach one another. Now even If I see them on their face, a multitude of feelings just run inside and finally I am just left to feel the pain and hurt and insult and remorse. Gone are the days, when forgiveness prevailed.

Even now, I have no backbone to go up to them to say sorry. I am so scared of being rejected again. If only I had the courage....

I apologize to those hearts which still carry the scar of whatever I did. I really do....

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