Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Well women... What can I say about them? I read in Tamil literature that there are so many stages in a girl' s life from childhood to her death and each stage denoted by so many different names ( Arivai, Therivai, Pedhai, Pedhunbai,Mangai, Madandhai, Perillam penn etc. etc.). Did they give such names because they are special? Well, I guess so...

The multifaceted thought of a girl cannot be just explained by mere words. A girl thinks of so many different issues at the same given time. If she is so good in her ideas and view point and strength, why is that women are considered the weaker species? I have always been taken by surprise, by the way the male dominance hits you and puts you aside. Being a girl, it is just taken for granted that she is not capable of doing things on her own and there are a hundred fingers to point out and a hundred suggestions to say how else it could have been done better?

I happened to read in a literature recently that the Indian Penal Code has brought in new rules and regulations against Domestic violence, which is good. They have divided them into 4 main categories: Verbal or emotional abuse, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse and Financial abuse. Well, we know about the financial part, Don't we? Dowry asked or should i rather say demanded and received on top of the table or below the table or what ever....which we all have witnessed. We have heard about the physical abuse as well...it is just the Beating, thrashing, kicking, Burning etc. causing grievous injury. Sexual abuse is new... I can't comment on it!!!

But the new part is, if a girl is been verbally abused, for example any ill words about her or her family or anything that causes emotional hurt to her state of mind, that comes under the category of domestic violence too. Cool, isn't it? Well, have you heard your mother or your sister cry after a tough ruffle, that is called Domestic violence, My dear ladies. So, what are we going to do about it? well, it is just a passing cloud. Can we all fuss over a few spilt words? After all, the male has an inborn right in their genes, to call you names and not only you, your family too which includes your father, mother, brother and sister. Just swallow it like a bad mean horrible yucky bitter tablet and make sure we all drink enough water to get it down from your throat into the bottom of your heart. Let it stay there forever and we will soon have more to add on to this priceless treasure of zingers and make our life a sacrifice to human kind. It is just no big deal... We have a huge group to accompany us in this. In India, over 78% of women are victims of domestic violence... Hip hip hurray...We are not alone.

How proud do you think I am, to be born as a girl? Well, in spite of all these craps, women are doing pretty good in all the fields. I really should appreciate that...

A small survey to show what is happening:INDIA: CRIME AGAINST WOMEN
  • One crime against women every three minutes
  • One rape every 29 minutes
  • One dowry death case every 77 minutes
  • One case of cruelty by husband and relatives every nine minutes
    Source: National Crime Records Bureau

A joke to finally add on: A survey by the International Institute for Population Studies showed 56% of Indian women believed wife beating to be justified in certain circumstances. The reasons varied from going out without the husband's permission to cooking a bad meal. LOL... Keep going, My dear people... Just a few more years to touch the ground coz you are really stooping as low as possible. Good for you all....

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