Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Will I be brave enough?

Trying to scold my sealed lips
Trying to recite what I want to say a million times inside me
Trying to hold my heart beats till I see you
Trying to check time as it passes by, waiting!!!

With your one smile, here I am standing stunned
Smiling back at you, forgetting all I thought!
Why did I lose the battle again?
There goes my seed of trial, let me feed it with more courage
Will wait for a tomorrow for it to sprout…

Like a seed that goes into nothing after giving a tree
My love for you will go into nothing after I give it to you!!!
I realized my heart only when you left me…
Where am I supposed to bury my vanished dreams and frozen smiles?

I refuse to think about you!!!
I refuse to succumb to your thoughts!!!
I know it is a closed chapter
Trying to rub off the wasted pages of love
Trying to tear off the mirage of our world…

But how am I supposed to finish the words
Those are going beyond the full stop?
I leave it to time to heal
Till then I will break my chains and grow wings
And try to learn to fly…

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