Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The skin I live IN!!!

I chose to write in this topic, coz it is such a fascinating topic!!! Colour of skin we are born with is something that is being determined by the genetic composition. The melanin pigment determines the colour and texture of a person's complexion. SO much for the technical part...But the whole world seems to be running around this buzz world. So many fights, killings, and incidents make you wonder whether there is any humanity left out in this world...

But I do have to say that I always envied people who had fair complexion for so many reasons, which I have personally experienced. Let me try and tabulate them

  • In a crowd, no matter how knowledgeable you are, you are sidetracked or refused, if you are to the tanner shades compared to the lighter ones.
  • When a person is fair, they don't have to make more effort to impress the opponent, coz you have a river that goes flooding from the drool of those in front.
  • Fair skinned ones (FSO) are considered in someway superior to the darker skinned ones(DSO). I don't understand why they think being dark is dumb?
  • If a FSO has to take 50% effort to shine, the DSO are probably supposed to take 150% effort to get a chance to prove that they are good enough too.
  • Why is that when you open a matrimonial column, you see that all the grooms are in need of a fair complexioned, tall and slim beauties?
  • When they name a guy, they say Tall, dark and handsome but when they name a girl, they don't say dark and pretty. I don't know why dark and pretty don't go hand and hand?
  • Well this list keeps going on and on...

I have always been fascinated by K.Balachander's heroines like Saritha, Suhasini and Balumahendra's heroines like Shoba, Archana and others like Nandita das, Silk smitha and Hollywood hotties like Salma hayek, Halle berry etc. May be it is just my imagination that i feel that they all have such feminine essence radiating from them along with such an arrogance and intelligence. I have felt it as a deadly combination!!!

I heard a recent song which called the tanned heroine with a very peculiar name "Thoratti Kannu Karuvachi" which is very hard to translate in english. Just in a rough sense means a sexy eyed darker tanned girl! I would rather love to stay in this complexion because you don't have to be centre of attraction to feel good. I would rather have all the superficial ones
get filtered and get the real ones to turn to turn to my side, who would look beyond the skin.

So the let the world keep running behind the skin, I am better off with people who would rather have the brains to look beyond it... lol...

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Prabhu said...


Excellent blog.. I am really not sure what to tell about the blogs.. One Thing i agree with you is that emotional part of Domestic voilence..

The another thing is about the fairness.. yes you are right..but fairness is not the only thing that come in complexion of the skin color.. it also depends on the character of the person.. I seen N number of person nicked named as "Prokki" even they are good in color and looks pretty.. When those persons comes even far.. I seen my neighbours telling my mom as "Porriki pasanga varanga.." But I am not sure how they behave with themselves in the family.. I am not telling guys only..this applicable to gals also.

Then What else to comment about... Hmmm Music.. I am not good in Carnatic.. but i love melodies...

Ok more comments on later...