Saturday, May 12, 2007

My childhood!!!

My childhood was like a dream...
I had such a lovely time and remember every single laugh and tear we shared.
But all that is left in me is the fading memories with pain and distance
I know we have come a long way apart and each in separate paths...
Can't cross the distance between our hearts
Each stuck in a happy quick sand of their own which just pulls us more farther
Each remember the happy and good times and the words which have made us sad
All are walking with the scars that was left behind
Once we tried to laugh and cry and share and lean on
And now we have even tried to unleash our animals and rip others heart out
Here we all stand in sister and brotherhood shedding tears and blood
Each trying to conceal the pain we have inflicted on others and still smile
If only I had the guts, I would surely say how sorry I am
If only I had the power to change time, I will definitely go and change things
Coz... the loneliness that is left behind after our fights will continue till my grave
Would love to fill the gap inside me before I could rest in this earth
Till then, my people... I want to say I really miss you all and will love you all more than ever
If I have to be born again, please be with me and lets try and make that life more meaningful
I am so incomplete without you all...
Sorry...till then

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