Friday, February 29, 2008

Back to square one... On the Move!!!

This is girl on the move... again starting from square one. Well, This time, My fate has brought me to Seychelles... Once again, After going through the same painful process of biding my son bye and almost an hour of crying, hugging, lots and lots of excruciating ache inside and loads of eyes staring at me and my son crying at the airport side walk and few of the passengers even stopping to look at us and watching my mom, brother and sis in law and my niece standing and looking at us helplessly ... I finally said bye and boarded a flight to Mumbai, which departed Chennai at almost half past nine at nine.
Well, the fun doesn't end there folks. I reached Mumbai and then was supposed to collect my luggage's and head to international airport. And My luggage went missing. I was supposed to check in for Kenya airlines at 12 midnight. And I was stranded without my luggage. By the time they traced the baggage, which was taken by a fellow passenger who had reached home and was almost about to hit the bed, It was 1'0 clock. Finally had to beg the person to bring the luggage and I was running like a marathon star and after 2 hours of nail biting tension, I finally was in the queue to board the flight to Nairobi. The flight took off at half past 3 and reached Nairobi at 7 in the morning ( Almost 5 hour journey).
Nairobi airport was no different from any other. Loads of tourists, crowded. Finally took a flight from there to Seychelles at 9 in the morning and We were flying over Indian Ocean and finally reached this place. So I have started to work here. Nice job. Learning Creole, which is the language of Seychellois.
As I always say, Same characters and same story line with different actors and different dialect. So that is it in nut
I am going to write a book like Adventures of Sinbad which stars me Of course! with all my silly hideous experiences... Once again dreaming of the day, when I can be with my son !!!

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Anonymous said...

well buddy its real cruel world most of the times but one needs to find u got to pick ur self up and make things happening for yourself..n your ppl around..
Chalo its nice to see that ur on the stepping stones atlast some or other ways....good luck and keep in touch ..take care and be good to yourself.