Friday, January 18, 2008

Moments of Madness!!!

I had a weird experience last night, when I was in the casualty. At around 2, there was a lot of commotion in the reception at my hospital. There is a Police station in front of my hospital. The Hall was full of Police officials and lots and lots of noise. In the midst of this uniform crowd, there was a guy with an unconscious girl in his hand.

My initial thought was that the Police have confiscated this couple who were trying to commit suicide and later thought that may be its a couple quarrel. Anyways, I got down to business and started examining the girl. After I was sure that she was Ok, I started talking to her, I understood that she is married for the past 14 years to a drunkard and has 3 kids and then fell in love with this guy who was working with her and just eloped with him. She was in so much of turmoil. She said that all her life she was not loved at all and she adores her kids but when she found a person who cared for her and loved here the way she wanted, She just couldn’t think of anything sane.

Now, this is a tricky issue. I am no one to judge her action, because it is her life and she has all the right to do whatever she wants to do with her. But Trust me, In every relationship, whether it is a husband or a wife, there are moments when we feel like running away somewhere with or without someone. Most of the relationships are so pathetic. We call a marriage a huge success by the numeric value attached to it. If they are married for so many years together, it is success. I am pretty sure, in most of the long term marriages; there are less than 10 sentences between the couples in a day.

But being bound to each other by mere chains like society, creed, clan, family name, status instead of love or faith or trust is not the meaning of a successful relationship. With each passing moments, the suffocation and the wrath just keeps on mounting and all the time, we are swearing in our heart of hearts at the person whom we once liked or loved. The relationship is so dead and no matter where you turn, its like you stand in a maze and keep trying to find a way out in the dark.

Honestly, Is so much hurt, pain and tears necessary? I don’t know but it’s surely not worth our one and only life.


Yaro said...

I accept most of your points and I even felt guilty about myself. But a relationship need not be always colourful. Even though there are quarrels and misunderstandings there should be a LIFE in it.I felt that u took a flat relationship as an example.

Vetti pullai said...

how ever we try and define relationships, it is the person who faces it feels it for real. SO I wouldnt comment on what is right or wrong.