Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Don't you know!!!

You are gentler than breeze
You are younger than sea
But I don't want you to wait in the middle of my eyes and my tears!!!
Waiting with the sky as a shelter in your arms...

Don't you know?
I am just a silly pebble sitting silently
Not able to run along with this little stream of tears!!!
When you look through my eyes, You will know
That darkness is just a Black Sun;
And light is just a Golden night;
My time has missed its rhythm

Don't you know?
Your kiss is just a door to my heart!
It gets locked, When you knock it...
It opens, when you lock it...
That door might not be born too, or might crash and die, if you want!

Don't you know?
Death doesn't tell anyone how it tastes...
Birth doesn't tell anyone how it dies...
Here I stand
Not knowing that you are not coming back!!!

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