Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rapacious proclivity !!!

In the oppugnant realms of life,
Stares two existence at each other!!!
" The You with I " keeps looking at
" The You with her " in utter bewilderment!!!

The torrential monotony of life!!!
Passes with you both surfing together on its ripples
Where as I can only watch you both together
From my lonely shore!!

Not a pinch of love!!
Not an ounce of passion!!
Not a thimble of tenderness!!
Not an inch of promise!!
Not a nickel of care!!
Not a speck of interest!!
I do not have any love left for anyone else
Other than you!!
I'm bored with everything else
Other than you!!
He says as he stacks him million reasons
One on top of the other!!
He purrs, He scrutinises, He prowls
As he sharpens the claws of
His leonine masculinity!!

The lonely "I" is pent upon
Clinging to your words
Stroking your needs
Succumbing into an abyss!!
Immaterial of what "l" do
The reality booms when
You pout and say Cannot abnegate her
Whilst you keep her in your arms and
Your reasons chirp in your palms!!!

I bestow a vertebrae at a time
For a kind smile
For a soulful look
For a warm touch!!
Not a fraction of doubt
Your heart is good and kind!!
But within your greedy wants
Lays my love decaying into fetid nothing !!!

Once again,
I unfurl, I shine, I stretch my wings!!
A turquoise sky for just me and my heart!!
A misty silver cloud for just me and my soul!!
A deep green jungle for just me and my journey!!
I wish for a colossal tree
With the deepest darkest red flowers!!
I wish to weave my tiny gold nest!!!
Where I can lay without fear
Where I can smile without insecurity
And dream of a path
Which has no talons, claws or teeth!!!


deeps said...

wings of imagination fluttering

Unknown said...

Very nice frd

kavi said...

I would highly appreciate if you guide me through this.
Thanks for the article. Really nice one…
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