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            Its is almost 2 weeks into running since students all over Tamilnadu started smaller sparks here and there & finally it’s catching up. It probably must have happened before March 2009 but better now than never.  What are these students fighting for? What is the actual reason for this hunger strike? What is the general public’s idea about what happened to Tamil civilians across in Srilanka?
            Whose responsibility was it to make sure that news of such great importance from a humane point of view, reach the public? Don’t we all know already that media and the politicians have had a joint iron clad on the whole issue and made sure it was swept under the rug!!! Though there had been plenty of evidence on the internet about the war crimes including documentaries made by Channel 4 BBC, still most of the politicians and media never bothered to take this to the nation. Why is that???
            We would just like to reflect upon what was happening in Srilanka when the war was at its peak in March 2009. Indian government have been training Srilankan army to fight against LTTE, which is continued until now. Most of the military training happened in Tamilnadu and most of the military weapons used to kill both the so called militants as well as the hundreds and thousands of civilians reached Srilanka through Tamilnadu ports.
            It was that time that Indian navy surrounded the Srilankan sea routes to help Srilankan navy eradicate the LTTE’s naval force. It also denied entry for the civilians who were trying to seek sanctuary into India. Srilankan army kept encroaching the lands were Tamil’s inhabited making mass murders, rapes and looting their way through. Thousands of Tamils who had lost their lands, houses, belongings, family members  were asked to walk through certain paths which were declared safe for civilians and these paths were targeted and K fir planes cluster shelled killing and injuring these innocent lives.
            The only support these Tamil civilians had was from the so called militants who were slowly demolished. Even the militants who surrendered with white flag were killed in the most inhumane and undignified manner. There are certain videos on the internet which shows how a human can be disgraced and killed beyond words can describe. We are not talking about just men here. We are talking about women, elderly and children even new born babies.
            The stories that have been told will make anyone with even an ounce of heart stand up and help these people. People were walking for months on end from their now unsafe homes to seek a safe place for whoever still survived in their families. We are talking about more than 4 lakh civilians made to converge and concentrate in a less than 35 square kilometres space. They were pushed toward the sea area by the encroaching Srilankan army on one side and weren’t allowed to leave by sea either. They simply had no help.
            We are talking about food to eat, clean water to drink, medicines for the injured, toilet facilities for all these remaining 4 lakh people who were made to converge in this space. There are stories which will bring chill in one’s spine. Families were made to leave behind their loved ones who were hurt and couldn’t walk.
            Here is one such story which is not even the nano tip of the iceberg. A young mother who had lost her husband and other family members was walking with her two kids. The 10 year old son gets his leg shattered during a shell attack. She watches him scream in pain and agony and the other 4 year old daughter crying out scared. The mother physically couldn’t pick her son and walk no matter how much she tries. She could hear the army approaching. She leaves behind this precious son and runs with her daughter. The mother is hit by another shell attack and gets into a bush to hide her as well as the 4 year old. The army is killing its way through with no mercy. The army men hear the 4 year old child cry and rape her repeatedly in front of the child. The Bleeding mother in agony stopped making any sound a while ago, but still the perverts were not done with her. NO one knew when she died. The remaining 4 year old baby girl is hit by the stock (wooden handle of the gun) until she died.
            There are the millions and millions of stories heard from the surviving from what happened in 2009. These are the voices against all the war crimes and atrocities that happened in a region, which did a silent ethnic cleansing. Was there anyone to even listen to these stories, leave alone investigate it any further? A big fat no!!!!   An international political community simply turned their face the other way from every piece of evidence, put forward for justice. And there is a reason behind this.
            There was a military operation which was called ‘’ BEACON OPERATION ‘’. A simple gist about it;
            As many know the literal meaning of beacon stands for showing way to those who are lost. In Nov 2005, Srilanka, India and 20 other countries joined hands to come up with this operation in Norway’s capital Oslo. These were the agenda’s
·         LTTE should be fully eradicated
·         It should start functioning by May 2006
·         It should finish its operation by May 2009
·         Rest of the Militants who were left out will be swiped out before May 2011

            Like it was planned the first shelling started in Samboor on the 25th of May 2006. This was the
Beginning of 4th Tamil ealam war that took place in Srilanka. None of the international countries said anything about this.

            This was supposed to be the Time of peace treaty. Norway was supposed to be helping both parties settle their indifferences without any damage to lives. This violation of the treaty on the part of Srilanka was never condemned by any of the international countries who were part of this peace treaty.
            It is crystal clear that though the Operation beacon was supposed to eradicate LTTE, its hidden agenda was to wipe out the Tamils from Srilanka. One of the main stem of their operation was to attack using long distance canons and shell attacks by plane. They didn’t care whom they killed as far as they killed many. This attained them to achieve the following... To kill as many Tamil as possible, To bring out the rest of the LTTE who would want to protect the people, To crumble the situation in such a way that nobody will be able to lift even a finger against the government and if possible will have a few Tamils who would turn into their side to become their spy.
            When such mass ethnic cleansing happened as per the Operation Beacon, they did fear that they will get resistance from world Tamil federations. They identified 12 countries to be most powerful in their resistance. This operation had the liberty of arresting any politician or civilian who might rise against this operation, in the name of assisting militants and terrorism.
            Please do remember, The Ex Chief Minister, Mr. Karunanidhi who has suddenly made the news by quitting the Congress today and suddenly find himself passionate for the millions of tamil who died was the acting chief minister when these atrocities were happening. People who tried to bring government and media and public’s attention regarding the war crimes like Mr. Seeman, Mr. P. Maniarasan, Mr. Kolathur Mani were kept in prison on the basis of the Operation Beacon.
            More over, Mr. M. Karunanidhi made a law that anyone who possessed any CD or documents supporting the war crimes will be arrested. Blogs and articles about the ongoing war crime at that time were banned. Medias were asked to keep a tight lid on the whole situation, until now. It makes one wonder how covetous and malicious one would get to protect their political career and their monetary empowerment.
            People from MDMK, Periyar TK and people of many other organisations who tried to stop the vehicles which carried Indian weapons to supply Srilanka were imprisoned for similar reason and kept in Coimbatore jail. In an ideal situation, Mr. Karunanidhi claiming to be eating, sleeping, breathing and dwelling within Tamil should have had the back bone to stand up toward such crimes to the central government. But no, to safe his political life and his family’s future in politics, he danced along and let millions be killed.
            Srilankan ministers who visited Tamilnadu at his reign were given full protection to visit places and temples that reflected tamil culture. But LTTE captain Mr. Prabakaran elderly mom who came to Chennai for medical treatment was deported from Chennai. The irony...
            After the war, tamilians living outside the country tried to join together and collect funds to provide food and basic needs to people were dying from hunger after the war. The name of the ship was ‘’ Vananga Mann’’. This ship was never even allowed to enter into Tamilnadu waters and was sent back to Calcutta. This happened in Mr. Karunanidhi’s time as well.
            It was during his period prison’s were filled with people who were genuinely worried about the usage of chemical bombs and war crimes and tried to peak about it in public.
            But we all know that this political stance, where they fight with congress and then kiss and make up is very easy for DMK. It is not forgotten that 300 Tamil students supporting Tamil language, who took part in riot against congress were killed most cruelly in 1967. It was using these murders; DMK became the ruling party against congress. But by the time the parliament elections were around the corner, DMK shook their hands in union with congress.
            His political career reached its peak, while he sat on his on top of these 300 students dead bodies, who fought for their language. He was the one who built building to honour the then Prime Minister Bakthavatchalam who was responsible for these students’s death in the first place. How many of you even knew about these bloody histories, Leave alone who were killed and where they were buried?
All the political parties are only concerned about reaping their monetary gains and political power, are very clever in weaving their crafty webs, to keep commoners like us deluded that everything is peachy.
            This spark the students of Tamilnadu have created currently to voice out their retaliation against the war crimes committed against Tamils finally have started catching the eyes of these contemptuous politicians, including Mr. Karunanidhi.
            Hopefully this movement that has been started by students will lead a path that would finally bring the international attention and get these war crimes reinvestigated without any partiality, Let the Srilankans who have encroached all the Tamil areas be moved out and bring back basic rights and liberty to the Tamil minority has have been done wrong in the past.
            Let these be the focus and soul purpose for bringing Tamil all over the globe together!!!.
            Let us for once forget about the caste, creed and walks of life, we belong to and just hold onto the one common denominator, which is Tamil language and heritage!!!
            Let us join hands with all those who share the same dreams. Let us not waste our precious time on the parasites who seek their own benefits out of this pure effort!!!
            Stand tall and Remember this is going to be a history defining moment and will really be the Beacon of hope for all those innocent lives we have lost and suffered and still suffering!!!
            Let us stand strong till we reach our goals!!!


Sateesh said...

Thanks for the translation of the article written by Senthamizhan Maniarasan

Anonymous said...

LTTE was also responsible for whatever happened to the tamilians in SL. Stupid,Idiot leader Prabhakaran who was making mindless decisions, finally was killed.

Now there is no country in the World ready to work for Eelam. Rajapakshe may be punished but Eelam????? Be practical...Still you want thousands of tamilians to be killed? Sitting safely in Tamilnadu,and declaring "Eelam is the only solution"