Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am so so so sooooper boredddd!!!

So Here I am trying innocently to pass on an yet another boring day... You see, for people of Seychelles, it is a long weekend and we have a public holiday on Monday as well. So I really have tried to do stuff to kill... really kill time and I accept I lost on a major slide, coz i ran out of ideas.

Hence I turn to the Internet as always to help me with my mega boredom. A very wise person has really knighted me as Ms. Bored... But I think I would rather have it as my middle name. It kinda suits me better. Anyways, I didn't know what to surf for after a while hence I just typed bored on Google and " VOILA!!!". I have list after list to do to just kill time... I should say all this time I was thinking I was the Master of Boredom... But there are some very wise literates who are probably doing PhD after PhD on trying to kill time.

I really tried some and it worked... So Here is my list of favourite things to kill boredom... Trust me, it works perfectly...

1. Try to Blink wildly and then shut your eyes tight to see a fantastic array of shapes, colours and funny bobs of light... (I am not responsible if you go dizzy...)

2. Try not to think of Penguins for 3 minutes... (Now be honest to yourself and have a timer...)

3. Try to pick up a passerby and put all your mind into thinking of making him or her drop the bag or even to knock into someone. (If by any chance it does happen, you can brag yourself about your new found extrasensory perception... Bravo to you!)

4. Go ahead and scratch yourself everywhere... Even if it doesn't itch... (I should say after a few seconds it does feel pleasurable! But it does burn if you overdo... so watch out)

5. Pick a random word and keep saying it loud again and again, till it loses its meaning and all you are left with is a meaningless noise! (I didn't think I will fall for it.... I kept saying lunar again and again... till i went blank and i should say after a while I really didn't know the meaning of the word. It left my brain more scrambled than usual...)

6. Pinch yourself... GO ahead! ( I did, till it hurt. I honestly will stick to being bored, I guess)

7. Try to invent a funny twitch and enact it when you are in public... ( I really got embarrassed with this one)

8. Try to make as many paper boats as possible and go to the near by stream or even a gutter and name each boat and make a competition out of them. See which one wins!!! ( My personal favourite!!! But being a Doctor where almost everyone knows me... This has been difficult to maintain without funny glares! Awww! damn.... who gives a flying duck? I enjoy this. So go on and try)

9. Go to a candy shop and buy loads and loads of them and eat them for breakfast, midday snack, lunch, dinner and supper.... ( I am not responsible for the calories or the backside which might swell up like Brazil, if you keep doing it regularly...)

10. You can pick up booger from your nose everyday and make a journal out of it... ( I can get into the gross details... You can make a diary explaining the colour and quantity and texture of your booger and may be have a competition with one of your friend, if there is someone who will share your interest... LOL! )

11. Sit in postures till a particular part of your body goes numb and feel the pins and needles and then try it on another part!

12. Rent out a movie and then finish watching it and go back again in 2 hours and rent another one and watch and return to get another movie!!! ( This is loads of fun!)

13. Take out all the dress from the closet and try them on and make your own fashion parade!

14. Learn to peal a Banana with your foot ( Though I wouldn't advise you to eat, as a Doctor)

15. Put a trash can in the middle of the room and Try to throw paper balls from different corners of the room and make it a game. ( this does help to kill time)

16. Try kissing your elbow.... (If you can!!!)

17. Have a staring competition with yourself in the mirror( This was pretty dumb!)

18. Put the music that you love and dance around naked in your living room... ( make sure all the windows are closed or you might be the reason for giving someone else heart attack!!!)

19. Go round spinning till you go dizzy!!! ( keep the furniture away!)

20. Lie down and watch the clouds and Keep a notepad and draw out all the figures you can make out!!!

Go on and try all this if you are bored... These are life savers! If you are not into anyone of this, write a blog like me.... Whether there are people who really read it or not... It does takes the weight of your chest...

Will soon make a list of things I want to do Before I die and Will post it.... So till then, Bask in your boredom and embrace it...


Imagination said...

Good with the bogger one...

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