Sunday, January 6, 2008


I always loved to read the special editions that comes with the newspaper. I was always intrigued by the things that were hidden behind those mystical words, which you imbibe and get imprinted with and finally when you leave the paper down, something gets changed inside you. It might not be a drastic one but a subtle change that only you can feel... As all our elders said, " You learn and change till you die". How very true!

I started enjoying language because of my father. He made me understand that with each word there is a picture painted in your brain and the beauty of it is, It is your own world....It is a fantasy like this Robin Williams movie " What dreams may come". We used to get Indian express at my school time and on Sundays, I have watched my Dad getting immersed into that paper. I always used to wonder why.

My dad used to read everything at such depth and the way he used to correlate and understand and explain... Man, I might have to live so many more lives and still I don't think I would be able to reach half of his mental ability. He used to love crosswords, scrabbles and anagrams... All sort of word games. I started sitting with him and when I didn't understand, I used to have a dictionary and go through the words. It became an obsession later on, coz I wanted to know more words.

I used to get lost in words like "thither", "Abstruse", "Calumny", "Gallivant" etc., etc. I used to enjoy grammar, not on an exam level, But in a different way. I loved the way they say,"Flock of birds, School of fishes, Pride of lion, Murder of crows, Parliament of owls" etc. Cool isn't it!

This Sunday after a long time, I had some time to read a few articles in Hindu. I really loved the article Invisible women by Kalpana sharma about her documentary movie" Lakshmi and me" and an essay about " The craft of difficult writing and one more article called " A chance to dream" about an NGO called Sathi which helps street kids and so on and so forth.

So it was a good session. I would just ask all you guys to keep reading or at least start reading now, Guys!!!

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