Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's been a while!

I have been so stuck with my usual world, that I was finding it absolutely impossible to come online. Life has always been so ironically kind to me!!! I have some sort of cosmic reset button, which brings me back to square one, all the time. I am in such a phase right now. I am just thinking of where to pick up my pieces and how to move about. In the midst of my entertaining life, I have absolutely no time to even relax a bit. Let me settle down and I will be back with more zeal and energy. Till then, just wait for me. Won't you?


Encrypted Heart said...

/////Till then, just wait for me. Won't you? //////

Is this msg for me alone? ;)
Sure kandippa will wait,
but all these days we missed ur writings, even on seeing this new post i was excited but dat doesnt last long :(, its juz a msg to wait for more, anyways, nothing harm in wait to get best things frm best person.

Vetti pullai said...

god bless you,

hurray, i have a fan, who waits for me... Thanks beyond words...

Surely, will be back soon