Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dreams of Oblivion!!!

The nights just keep vanishing in thin air
May be it will feel like this, when we meet?
The days keeps trickling down our life
The time keeps racing into null
These dreams are all that I have in me...

Will I be searching my needs in your shadow?
Will you do the same, when we meet
May be the days and nights might enter a sweet monotony
The scatter of light and dark might keep spilling in our bed
While we have no strength left in us to replenish...
Will this hunger be quenched with your flesh?
Or will my search run beyond the horizon?

May be we can be the witness of all these only in this bed
Each of us praying, begging, crying and showering the other with whatever they want
All at once!
May be this bed might remember the last drops of pain and nectar
May be the earth of my body might keep screaming for you
My language of rain will always fall into your ears of river...

May be when our eyes lock into eternity
I might be willing to give you my everything;
You might be willing to taste me
You might be that person, that lover
Who will love my inside and out gently
And can look into my scars as my jewels...
Will you be there to carry my pain during my work, my days and our nights
May be our nights will cross their borders to seek a new Ecstasy!!!

Will it be like this...
When your lips taste my skin and moisture,
My eyes might explode into a million stars.
When your hands keep touching me in the dark of the night,
My soul might dissolve and join your moon...
The thirst for your lips might dry up my heart
The nectar of my inner sweetness might fill you eternally...
The final moments of anger and anxiety and deathly search to reach the climax
Our heart beats will only prevail till you enter my centre
As it happens, watch all the pandemonium of colours will settle...

All I might hear would be your breath near my ears
And crushed with your weight on me...
All that you will remember of me would be that last minute moans and cries
As I watch you thrust me into nothingness...
Here we might walk and swim and run towards the horizon
Where you and I will just burst and vanish into oblivion...

Tears trickling at the corner of my eyes
As I lie alone right now, Here I think
This is how it might be?
And all that is left in me now is a sad question...
When will I meet you?

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