Tuesday, July 24, 2007

War and Peace!!!

Well, I have been hiding out for quite some time from the blog world. Just a bit busy with my work or that is what I would love to say about my laziness... But anyways, I watched a movie that really sort of made me think about it for quite sometime. APOCALYPTO... well a nice movie... Which sort of reminded me of a some more movies i saw... Amistad, Schindler's list, a bit of kannathil muthamittal...

I suddenly took interest in reading this book called "Ponniyin Selvan", so I went to purchased all the three massive parts. Going through the pages one after another stirred the same feeling. Why did all the great stories had so much of blood spilled on each and every page of its victory? So much of blood shed for what... All the greatest man made structures like the Great wall of china, the Pyramids of Egypt's and the Mayans and the TajMahal has thousands and thousands of people's sacrifice behind it.

Have you noticed a colony of ants going in to invade another colony and ultimately both the colonies dies? What we do is in a little more higher scale, isn't it? Till now... Greed and thriving for better things have lead men go through paths that cannot be justified in any ways. Is it in our genes? I don't know??? They say there is an alpha male in all the species, which is good physically and can survive better and more dominating and wild. Does this go to countries as well? Trying to be gods or pretending to be one, whichever it is... The ultimate losers are the common civilians, whose dreams are just to raise a simple family and to keep them safe.

If we can't bring peace between one family, as you know with nowadays nuclear families, where mother in law doesn't get along with daughter in law, and parents don't get along with children and etc. etc., I don't think we can bring unity within our human kind which is already spliced hard with castes and religions and colour and economy and nationalities.

Well, I have heard that Alexander the Great who captured and ruled almost the whole world his friend on his death bed, to let both his hands lie out of his coffin to tell the world that he was not even able to take a handful of sand in spite his power and supremacy. All of us should get this in our heads cause we think we are invincible. I guess and each should realise that we all are nothing more than specs of dust which will blow off with time...

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