Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fluttering alone!!!

I stand in this empty terrain, waiting to be flamed
You can burn me up very tenderly...
Don't need a torch or a volcano
A bit of water from the mirage river
With a gentle blade of grass is enough.

I am still alive and burning, in spite of the dawn,
Though the trunks of trees are uprooted in this tornado
I am still struggling not knowing how to die...
Fluttering and fighting, I am still alive.

May be my death can be brought with a drop of dew or rain,
Here I stand and beg and pray for that...
Clouds could feel my pain and might give me rain
But the droplets don't hear my voice and here I watch them go back.

Look at my cheeks been ripped off with the lightning thorns of your kiss,
With the explosion of your silence, here my heart is learning to beat,
The stars of my nights looks at your eyes for the last time
And rests in their grave with a last twinkle.

May be I should learn to eat my dreams and drink my tears
And just die unfolded...
Still have hopes that someone will light me up and put me off
Don't you think it is sad for a flame to expect who will do this to her!

In this sadness, my tresses of hair are burning in black flame
If it is going to be our night...
I want only you to teach me
How to gently end me and my night in your arms...

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