Sunday, May 27, 2007

My silence!!!

In this dusty silence,
Where you and I have forgotten to fall in
Our words are resting peacefully...
We know its hard to carry the meanings around
But we still do with heavy hearts...
Though the ripe words are silent and sitting back
The sprouting words keeps bouncing to and fro...
Just to give this suffocating heart a break
Here we try after a massive effort
To bring out a few verses from heart...
And watch it come out dazed, confused and stupid...
Well, what can I say?
Let's get back to how it was
Let my silence converse with yours...


Chitra said...

beautiful! But dazed and confused and stupid words are cute too at times. :-)

Anonymous said...

lovely xpression Pri!

Osai Chella

Anonymous said...


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